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Coptic Orthodox

A lady came to me complaining from her son who entered the day care center. "For the last few days," she told me, "I have been patiently scolding him for doing something wrong, saying, “Don't do that.” But he kept answering me, “No, I will do it.”

"I would tell him gently, 'Honey, that's wrong.'

"But he insisted, "I will do this. I will do it."

I was surprised to hear this because I know this kid to be a

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My Dear Brethren,

The peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

As October 31st draws near, I want to make all uninformed Christians in our Diocese aware of certain traditions celebrated in the United States on this day. The "Halloween" celebration pays tribute to Satan. Every act revolving around Halloween is in honor of false gods. False gods are spirits in the Satanic realm.

"We only do this for fun", some say. "We do not actually practice witchcraft", others repeat. I often wonder how one justifies the celebration of Halloween, the day Satanists have set aside as their "holy day". I am told that

By: Pope Shenouda III

How astonishing are the persons whom God gives blessing but they turn it into affliction!

Money is a blessing, beauty also is, art, freedom, knowledge, power, discipline are also blessings. But, practically it is so easy to find all these blessings turned into afflictions by different means!

Misusing such blessings may turn them into afflictions. Money buys and sells conscience and beauty becomes a means of enticement. Art turns into entertainment and frivolity and freedom becomes means of rashness and inattentiveness. Power develops into an instrument of tyranny and science is used in destructive and harmful inventions while discipline -- through misuse -- turns into routine and an

Contemplation on the Sixth Sunday of Lent (Jn. 9:1-41)

The man born blind is one of the most famous Bible stories we have heard throughout our lives. Our Lord has shown us that He can take what is nothing and create what is real. However, how would this story conclude if we replaced the man born blind with yourself? Let’s imagine that we are the blind ones and learn from these series of



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