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Author: H. H. Pope Shenouda III.

The spiritual person who is known for the virtue of hope always has hope in all the particulars of his life, which grants him strength and joy:

  • With regard to repentance and purity, he always has hope that God will pick him up however great his fall may be and will set him up.
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 Author: H. H. Pope Shenouda III.

Although all life should be holy, yet God has appointed for us holy days. If we are trained to keep these days holy, we will take them as examples for the rest of the days. Because man perhaps cannot practically be permanently cautious or in steady enthusiasm all the days of his life, God laid stress on certain days. He said in the Book of Leviticus that they are the proclaimed days of "Holy Convocation." (Leviticus23 :1).

Author: H. H. Pope Shenouda Ill.

Continuance is a very important element in the spiritual life. It is easy for a person to begin a relationship with God, but, can he continue or not?! this is the question.

The Galatians "have begun in the Spirit" but they did not continue and concluded by the flesh (Gal. 3:3). Demas served with the Apostle Paul and did not continue "for Demas has forsaken me, having loved this present world. " (2 Tim. 4:10).

Author: H. H. Pope Shenouda Ill.

the calm person, through his calmness, can reach the depths, if he has a gift for contemplation. But it is not necessarily the case that a calm person is deep. It would be more correct for us to say that every deep person is calm. Here I marvel at an expression given by one of the spiritual men of letters, which I have probably repeated to you on more than one occasion, which is: "When God cast me as a pebble into the lake of life, I caused bubbles at its surface and circles rippling out to infinity.


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