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Define Incarnation

When was the idea of Incarnation started?

1 Timothy 3:16

John 1:14 


The Dogma of the Holy Trinity 


What does the word Dogma mean?

What do we need to understand the Holy Trinity?

What do we know about God?

List 5 points explaining the Dogma of the Holy Trinity

1 Timothy 6:15

1 John 5:7

Matthew 28:19



What is resurrection as we defined it in the lecture?

Why did the Lord Jesus Christ eat after his resurrection?

Phil 3:10
1 Cor.15:42


Holy Tradition

What does the word Paradosis mean?

[True/False] Jesus Christ gave his disciples a book that contains the Holy Tradition

[True/False] The Church came before the Bible

What St. Irenaeus of Lyon said about the tradition?

What is the benefit of the tradition as explained by Pope Shenouda?

2 Thessalonians 2:15

1 Corinthians 15:3 


 The Creed


Why do we have the Creed?

What are the 7 main points of our Creed?

When the fist and second points of the Creed got instituted?

John 15:26

John 1:2


Salvation in the Coptic Orthodox view 


What is the definition of Salvation and where in the Holy Bible we find this definition?

What are the sacraments needed for salvation and are they enough? What also needed?

What is my ultimate goal as a Coptic Orthodox Christian?

[True/False] Jesus Christ sacrificed himself to save all human beings

[True/False] We all are saved because of God’s mercy regardless of our works

John 3:16

John 20:22-23 


 The Virginity of Saint Mary


Why the icon of St. Mary has 3 starts on it? on on each shoulder and one on her head

 Give two of the Helvetius objections regarding the Theotokos St. Mary

How did St. Jerome answered the above two objections?

Explain the vow of virginity of St. Mary from her birth till her death, and the role of St. Joseph in this vow

Ezekiel 44:2

Genesis 3:15 


 Introduction of the Sacraments


What is the meaning of the word sacrament? And what is the definition of a sacrament?

List the visible rite/sign and invisible grace for the 7 sacraments

What are the two types of sacraments? And list them

What are the benefits of the sacraments?

Romans 1:7-10

John 6:51; 57-58 


Comparative Theology (Coptic Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant)

Comparison Chart


 Who is the founder of Orthodoxy, Catholicism, and Protestantism? And in what year?

[True/False] The first split of the church happened in the council of Chalcedon in year 431AD

List 5 beliefs of the Catholic church that we as Coptic Orthodox don’t agree with, and give brief explanation of each

List 4 beliefs of the Protestant church that we as Coptic Orthodox don’t agree with

Matthew 16:19

John 3:5

John 6:53


 Introduction of the Sacraments

Part 2



 Introduction of the Old Testament    


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