A Trip to Egypt: 2020

We are excited to announce our first trip to EGYPT for the youth of St. Mina’s Church Holmdel!

This trip will include:

  • Service with the needy people
  • Visiting the Holy Churches & Monasteries
  • Touristic sightseeing
  • And at the end of the trip we will enjoy the beach and the amazing nature of Egypt!

Places that we will visit:

  1. Hanging Church and other Old Cairo Churches & Monasteries
  2. Virgin Mary Church in Maadi with the open Bible “Blessed is Egypt My people.”
  3. St. Simon Church in Mokattam
  4. Pyramids & the Sphinx
  5. Ancient Egyptian Solar Ships
  6. Camel Rides
  7. Felouca in the Nile River with dinner
  8. Khan el Khalili Bazaar
  9. St. Mark’s Cathedral
  10. Wadi el Natroun Monasteries
  11. St. Mina’s Monastery
  12. St. Philopateer Monastery in Sidi Kreir
  13. 21 Martyrs of Libya Church in Samalout.
  14. Virgin Mary or Al Muharraq Monastery in Assiut.
  15. St. Pola Monastery
  16. St. Anthony Monastery
  17. Steigenberger ALL INCLUSIVE Resort in Hurghada for 4 days!


Click here to download a detailed program schedule


PRICE PER PERSON $2700 , this includes the ticket, hotels, busses, meals & tour guide! For more information contact 

Mrs. Mireille Estefan: 732-604-1697 - mireillemattar@yahoo.com