Modern Challenges of Faith

Modern Challenges of Faith directed by Mark Alexander is a web-series on how to live a Christian life in the modern world. 

We as Christians are constantly at war with the evil one who lurks in the shadows presenting new challenges and persecutions to the faithful Christian.

"Modern Challenges of Faith" will help answer many puzzling questions about the world and the Christian faith so that we Christians have an arsenal of knowledge to defeat the enemy who has made us question our faith and seek new religions and philosophies to answer the many puzzling questions that consume our minds.

We will be discussing, day to day questions, theological questions, philosophical questions and so much more. Here is a list of some of the topics we will be covering over the new few seasons.


Orthodox Confession - From a Young Woman's Perspective

Same Gender Marriage - An Orthodox Perspective

An Orthodox Perspective - Modern Challenges of Faith

The Steps To a Perfect Repentance